When you're choosing a hair color, it's not as simple as pointing at a swatch and getting that exact hair color match. Many elements factor in when coloring your hair. Your skin tone, eye color, natural and artificial hair pigments all play a big role in which hair color will look great on you. Making sure you choose the right professional who has a complete understanding of all of these elements is crucial to getting the perfect color to compliment you. Choosing a stylist from Pure is the first step to a successful color.

All technicians at Pure are all well qualified, highly trained color specialists. Having taken classes by companies such as Organic Color Sytems, Aveda, Redken, & Loreal they are well versed in all modern color techniques. Once again, employees must display a strong foundation in basic color principals prior to hiring. Whether you are looking to maintain your current regimen or try something completely new, you can rest easy knowing you will receive the best service our area has to offer!

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